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Hindi Diwas 2022

Hindi Diwas 2022

Hindi Diwas 2022

Today, September 14, Hindi Diwas 2022 is celebrated with enthusiasm in every school, college and government office in India.

Today is a day of pride for the people of India.

Hindi Diwas has another significance in India, which is rich in cultural, and linguistic diversity.

Two years after the country gained independence, on 14 September 1949, the Constituent Assembly unanimously declared Hindi as the Raaj Bhasha ( Official Language).

After this announcement, the Rastrabhasha Prachar Samiti was formed to promote Hindi in every region of the country Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September at the request of this committee.

Hindi Diwas was first celebrated in the country on 14 September 1953

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, called Hindi Janamanash Ki bhasha.
In 1918, at the Hindia Sahitya Sanmilan, Mahatma Gandhi proposed to declare Hindi as the Rastra Bhasha.

After the country gained independence, Hindi was recognized as the Rastra Bhasha.

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