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Graduate engineers’ forum lauds UN initiative for fuel cell technology

Graduate engineers’ forum lauds UN initiative for fuel cell technology

UN initiative for fuel cell technology, Lauding the United Nations for its emphasis on some key issues to be tackled by 2030- where the fuel cell technology is termed as an efficient option to tackle climate change- All Assam Engineer’s Association (AAEA) believes that governments would take necessary
actions to phase out the internal combustion engine while promoting the battery (electricity) run vehicle.

With an aim to avoid producing harmful greenhouse gases in the air following the widespread use of fossil fuel-run vehicles, the forum of graduate engineers argues that fuel cell-powered vehicles should be a pragmatic option as those emit only water vapor and small amounts of heat to the atmosphere.

Needless to mention that the fuel cell, which is an electrochemical device, converts the chemical energy into electricity which runs the vehicle very efficiently without emitting CO2 and CO in the surrounding air.

Lately, a new hydrogen fuel cell has been discussed with vehicle manufacturers with essential safety measures as the cell emerges as powerful as well as sustainable for the future.

“The battery-run vehicles also enjoy better balancing (compared to piston-operated engines) during the movement.

Moreover, the vehicles can cope with frequent stoppages (because of urban traffics) in an
efficient way compared to the traditional automobile that always loses a significant amount of energy,” said AAEA president Er Kailas Sarma, working president Er Nava J Thakuria and secretary Er Inamul Hye.

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