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Govt school teachers to be trained by IIT-Guwahati

Assam Government School teachers will be trained by IIT-Guwahati faculty to those who have received show-cause notices from the state education department for registering 0-10% pass percentage in the recent class 10 state board exams.
A total of 102 government schools have received show-cause notice.

Ranoj Pegu(education minister) to media “in order to train the teachers, especially those imparting maths, science, and English lessons, we have inked a deal with IIT-Guwahati. We are also taking measures so that school teachers can benefit from college teachers through training.”
He further added “the government is considering implementation of a school rule book across the state. The introduction of the concept of the class teacher is also being mulled. There will be some changes in the course curriculum.”
He assured that the education department will remold the school education system.

All the show cause noticed schools headmasters and principals have been warned by the deputy of secondary education that they may be dismissed if they don’t co-operate.

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