Wednesday, March 29, 2023


The all-new E-football22(mobile) is finally here. The long-awaited game is now available on the app store(ios) and play store(android) to download.
The game has just released yesterday and packs a new interface similar to that of the PC version. It still is undergoing some maintenance issues which is a bit disappointing given that its release date had been altered. Fans all across the globe can’t wait to enjoy the game.
E-Football22 earlier known as PES21 has undergone some changes like the player’s contract renewal is not based on the number of games played but after 363 days. Iconic, featured and legend players’ contracts are expired and can only be renewed for a certain number of games.

Although the gameplay is almost similar the joystick has gone silky smooth which for me has not impressed a lot because the latency has increased.
Since the game has just released yesterday a lot has to be explored. We’ll keep you updated related to the game till then stay tuned.

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