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E-Football22 100 Team Playstyle Level

Welcome back to a new article on E-Football22.

Today we’ll tell you how to increase your playstyle all the way up to 100.

Okay let’s start.

First of all you’ll have to play few games in order to gain exp and training points. These two things will allow your player to increase it’s level and help in increasing Team Playstyle Level.
After you’ve gained some exp and training points just go to home interface and click on My Team. Select players and click on any player who gained exp and training points.
The good thing about E-Football22 is that now you can select and increase any particular stat of the player. If you want to increase his personal stats then click on player stats.

But remember to increase a player’s stats you must first convert exp into progression points. To do that just click on the desired player and select level training. After now that you’ve done that you can increase the player stats.


To do that select My Team then select any defender, click on Player Progression and then select Team Playstyle Proficiency.
Now increase the defender’s possession game and boom !! There you have it, you can check your team level by going to game plan.
Do this for all other defenders and and you’ll have 100 Team Playstyle Level.



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