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David DePape’s conspiracy revealed

David DePape’s conspiracy revealed

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hubby, Paul, was attacked by an attacker named David on Friday.

The attacker, David DePape, was incontinently arrested and David faces civil charges, including the tried hijacking of a civil officer, and state charges, including tried murder, theft, and elder abuse.

Various propositions have been circulating on social media since the attack.

According to media reports, police say there’s “ absolutely no substantiation ” behind these colorful conspiracy propositions, including that the two knew each other before the attack and that DePape was Paul Pelosi’s gay swain.

According to another media report, David DePape allegedly broke the glass near the reverse veranda and entered Pelosi’s hearthstone in San Francisco at around 2 am.

David DePape's conspiracy revealed

David stood up to Paul Pelosi and asked, “ Are you, Paul Pelosi? Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy? ”

That time Nancy Pelosi was in Washington, D.C., at the time of the attack.

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Nancy Pelosi was in Washington to attend an event with Vice President Kamala Harris.

DePape planned to question Speaker Pelosi” because she was sick of the position of falsehoods,'” the media reported.

Once in the restroom, Pelosi was suitable to call the Police. U.S. Capitol Police learned of the break-in about 10 twinkles after the incident began.

David DePape's conspiracy revealed

When police arrived, DePape allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi.

Established New York media reported that DePape had noway met Pelosi before criminating her of assaulting her.

Conspiracy propositions about Dipep have been circulating since the time of the attack.

According to reports, some have claimed that DePape and Pelosi called the police affirming that DePape called DePape their” friend.”

Still, investigating officers noted that DePape didn’t know Pelosi before the attack.

There’s also confusion over DePape’s political methodologies.

A former DePape mate from 20 times agone, who was naked, described his political views as “ truly progressive ” at the time.

According to the available confirmation, Dipep’s political views have changed 20 times agone.

David DePape's conspiracy revealed

Dipep is supposedly involved in anti-Semitic posts and Dipep has also supposedly posted in support of Qnon and made false claims about the 2020 presidential election.

Dipep’s list of other aims

David DePape allegedly had a list of other targets.

According to reports, Investigating officers affirmed Dipep had a list of other possible targets, including a regional professor, several prominent state and national politicians, and members of their families. ”

Who is David De Pepe?

Who is David de Pape, the attacker of Paul Pelosi ?

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