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Cable car accident in Himachal Pradesh


Cable car accident in Himachal Pradesh

On Monday (20/06/2022) in Himachal Pradesh Solan district a Cable car suddenly stopped putting in danger the life of 8 people.

8 tourists have been stuck inside a cable car (Parwanoo Timber Trail) due to a technical fault. So far two people have been rescued but still, 6 people’s lives hang on the death door. Another cable car was deployed to save the remaining as stated by the Solan district SP. The police also reached the spot to rescue them.
This cable car was established in 1988. This is not the first time an accident has occurred here. Back in 1992 10 tourists were trapped here along with an operator. The operator panicked, jumped off the car, and died. Rest all the others were saved later by the army.

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