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British Prime Minister to resign today

British Prime Minister to resign today

Borish Johnson will announce his resignation today after being eliminated by a newly appointed minister and more than 50 others left the government. Along with eight ministers, including two secretaries of state, resigning in the last two hours. “Boris Johnson will resign as Conservative Party leader today. Resignations continue to trickle in overnight.

Johnson has not yet issued any statement but is also expected to do on Thursday. He wants to stay as PM until autumn, during which time the Conservative party would elect a new leader internally, however, this has been met with fierce criticism.
Whereas Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer announced a statement, saying, “It is good news for the country that Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister. But it should have happened long ago. Also, he was always unfit for the office. He is also responsible for all the lies, scandals,s and fraud on an industrial scale. And all those who have been involved must be extremely regretful”.

Keir Starmer added that just changing the leader of the Conservative party was not enough.”We need a proper change of government he said”.

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