Bigg Boss 14: Wild card entry Kavita Kaushik shakes the house as the new captain

Kavita Kaushik


Bigg Boss 14: Wild card entry Kavita Kaushik shakes the house as the new captain

In a new promo, Kavita tells fellow wild card contestant Shardul Pandit that only one contestant can use a particular part of the house at a time. He claims to have asked Pavitra about the same, to which Kavita replies that Pavitra is not the Bigg Boss.

Kavita goes on to have a confrontation with Pavitra who tells her not to teach her the rules of the house. Kavita tells her that this is the reason for her being in the red (unsafe) zone and goes on to add, “aise logo ko main apne ghar ke bahar khada rakhti hu (I make such people stand outside my house).”

The viewers seem to be elated over the FIR actor joining the show. A fan wrote, “Kya Baat hai Choutala Ji, Aate hi Firing shuru .” Another said, “Sorry to say but this season I can only see @Iamkavitak as a contestant with that spark… many popular faces but really disappointed… hope with time they perform well.”

Bigg Boss 14 has entered its third week and former contestant Shefali Jariwala, who is keeping a close watch on the contestants, reviews how they performed during the last week. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV, Shefali shared that she was completely shocked by Jaan’s flipping nature and calls both Nishant and Jaan both ‘double dholki’.

She also expressed her disappointment with Rubina Dilaik for making the ‘samaan’ remark so big. The Kaanta Laga girl doesn’t see Nikki Tamboli as a captain material and has huge expectations from wildcard entrant Kavita Kaushik.

“I feel Nikki is not captain material and she has got arrogance in her after becoming the confirmed contestants. A captain’s post is such that you get special powers, few benefits but along with it comes to a lot of responsibility and that you can’t ignore. So, I also feel at this time she is not fit for being a captain. But I was surprised with Jaan saying this because he always supports her in everything she does and is around her all the time.

I never thought he would go against her. The other personality who came out as a double-dholki was Nishant Singh Malkani who tried to form an alliance on both sides. But that was fine because it is a game and he became a captain because of his strategies,” she said.

The actress is completely surprised that Nishant couldn’t handle his captaincy and was seen discussing nominations, “I was surprised how Nishant took things and broke the rules of the house.

Everyone who comes inside Bigg Boss knows it very well that you can’t discuss nominations and they were doing it openly. During his captaincy, Rubina Dilaik was playing the role of deputy captain and she was taking all the nominations,” she said.

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