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BCCI anti-corruption and CBI ought to send off an investigation into Sourav Ganguly’s involvement in league LLCT20 

BCCI anti-corruption and CBI ought to send off an investigation into Sourav Ganguly’s involvement in league LLCT20

The BCCI anti-corruption unit and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) ought to research why the BCCI president Mr. Sourav Ganguly is backing the Legends League Cricket T20 (LLCT20).

This is an immediate irreconcilable circumstance according to Justice Lodha Committee’s suggestions and a stage against India’s international strategy according to the Government of India’s position against Pakistan for their job in supporting psychological warfare against India.

According to Lodha Committee Report, a BCCI office conveyor can’t assume double liability and BCCI is a trust no office carrier can hold some other office of benefit.

Then how could the BCCI President become the Captain of the Indian Maharaja group in the Legends League Cricket T20 (LLCT20) where he is being paid cash in crores as appearance expenses?

Besides, how can the BCCI president Mr. Sourav Ganguly support a body which is straightforwardly ridiculing India’s international strategy matters and supporting and subsidizing cricketers from a psychologically oppressor country with whom neither the BCCI nor the Indian government has any monetary dealings?

The Legends League Cricket T20 (LLCT20) has monetary managing cricketers like Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Akhtar, Misbah-ul Haq, and numerous other people who played in the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) and straightforwardly opposed India’s approach to Kashmir.

The BCCI has likewise taken areas of strength for against cricketers playing in the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) and has restricted them from playing in India.

Yet, the Legends League Cricket T20 (LLCT20) are supporting these players as well as they are financing them and elevating them to play in India.

,CEO, and Co-Founder, of Legends League Cricket T20 (LLCT20), told the media: “The impending season is another organization with 4 new groups playing as Franchise claimed groups.

The players are to be picked under a drafting cycle.

At this point, we have kept down adding any Pakistan players to the pool. We are currently looking for direction from the specialists assuming whether we ought to add players to the pool or not.

The equivalent would be done provided that Visas and important endorsements are set up by the concerned specialists.

Whenever permitted, the players would be placed in the pool.

And still, after all, it’s not affirmed if these players could play in the impending season.

From there on it would be the drafting system that would characterize the crews. In actuality, we will comply with every one of the essential rules given by the experts for the choice of any players.”

Along these lines, notwithstanding being familiar with India’s position against Pakistan and regardless of monitoring India’s international strategy with Pakistan, Mr. Raman Raheja is looking at including and paying Pakistan cricketers.

Not just that, by arranging an occasion with Pakistan cricketers where he is searching for sponsorships from Indian support, he is straightforwardly acting against India’s sway as he is straightforwardly giving individuals (cricketers) from Pakistan monetary guides.

Mr. Rajeja is additionally abusing Fema rules by moving assets from Indian supporters to an occasion where Pakistan players were involved and he is as yet hoping to make them part of it.

We likewise need to feature Disney Star’s contribution in this as they are in chats with Legends League Cricket T20 (LLCT20) to hit transmission organizations with a politically unstable and dubious association like the Legends League Cricket T20 (LLCT20).

We encourage the BCCI hostile to debasement unit and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to send off an inquiry on why and how Mr. Raman Raheja, a singular boycotted by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for monetary abnormalities in 2019, is transparently neutralizing India’s public premium for the sake of arranging the Legends League Cricket T20 (LLCT20).

It ought to likewise be explored how and why the BCCI president is so profoundly engaged with an individual and an association that is neutralizing India’s public interest.

However Mr. Raheja has said that Ganguly hasn’t acknowledged any cash for his contribution to the Legends League Cricket T20 (LLCT20), we demand the CBI send off a request to make a difference to uncover the genuine story.

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