Assam forum calls for honouring Tri-colour on R-Day


Assam forum calls for honouring Tri-colour on R-Day

As Bharat (Hindustan/India) is approaching its 71st Republic Day on 26 January an Assam based forum of nationalists in northeast India has urged the people to pay tributes to  countless martyrs of the country’s freedom struggle hoisting the  national flag in every nook and corner of the region, surrounded by various foreign nations.

Commenting on the present situation where thousands of Assam residents are agitating against the citizenship amendment act 2019 (CAA) with an aim to keep the constitutional values intact and many other agitators continue  demanding  benefits out of different clauses of the Constitution, the  Patriotic People’s Front Assam (PPFA) believes that more people this time would  pay respect to the Tri-colour.
Bharat (as well as Pakistan and Sri Lanka) achieved independence from the British colonial forces in 1947 and adopted its Constitution on 26  January 1950. Since then the day has been observed as R-Day every year where all known and unknown martyrs of the freedom movement are tenderly remembered saluting the national flag.

“Prior to our independence, millions of freedom fighters symbolically set 26 January as our  Independence Day and continued the movement. It is the moral responsibility of every Indian national to pay homage to those martyrs on both I-Day and R-Day by hoisting the Tri-colour as it symbolizes the suffering and sacrifices of those freedomfighters,” said a PPFA statement.

The brief statement, issued in different languages including Assamese, Nagamese, Mizo, Bengali, Hindi, Oriya, Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Urdu, Nepali, Tibetan, Balochi, Kurdish and English, reminded  that a number of Assamese martyrs including Kanaklata Barua, Mukunda Kakoti, Kushal Konwar, Tilak Deka, Bhogeswari Phukanani, Nidhanu  Rajbangshi, Kamala Miri, Lerela Boro, Madan-Rauta, Hemoram Patar,  Gunabhi Bordoloi,
Dayal Panika, etc laid down their lives admiring the Tri-colour.

The forum comprising individuals from different fields of activity asserted that the national flag does not belong to any government or political parties alone, rather it’s a priceless property for every Bharatiya who feels proud of his identity enriched with a glorious past.  It also emphasized on creating proper awareness about the great nation eradicating all kinds of prejudices and confusions among the mass.

Mentionable is that the media fraternity will pay their respect to martyrs hoisting the national flag at Guwahati Press Club (11 am, 26 Jan) as they are maintaining the spirit since 1998 defying the diktats of separatists and anti-national elements in the society.

T Navajyoti, Guwahati


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