ABVP representative body met with VC of Assam university 

A representative body of ABVP from different colleges visited Assam University on Monday. In a meeting with VC they focused on the serious issue i.e. Late TDC Results etc. Mainly the Students of 5th sem and 6th sem under Assam University faces many problem. Like 5th sem get confused either they prepare themselves for 6th sem or not. Because if a student get six back paper then he can’t fill up the form of 6th sem. In the result time of 6th sem, they can’t get ready to go for new admission for further studies. Just because the delay of exam results. In a survey ABVP sees that many students get lost their further studies. Even emotional students commit suicide, so this is a serious issue. There is a guideline that Universities should give results within 45 days, that’s why ABVP stands with students for their justice. Respected VC and controller promised them that the result will be given before 10th of April. ABVP said clearly if the result not given before 10th of April they will go for further democratic movements.
S.DAS, Input Editor, South Assam, NE INDIA


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