72 percent Of Indian Americans Plan To Vote For Joe Biden

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump


72 percent Of Indian Americans Plan To Vote For Joe Biden

Indian-Americans overwhelmingly support Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the upcoming US elections, with no evidence of the community drifting towards the Republicans because of close ties between US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi or a belief that the Democrats are “anti-India”, according to a new survey of expected voting behavior released on Wednesday.

“The data show that Indian-Americans continue to be strongly attached to the Democratic Party, with little indication of a shift toward the Republican Party,” says the report on the 2020 Indian American Attitudes Survey, conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Johns Hopkins University in partnership with the research and analytics firm YouGov.

“In addition, Indian-Americans view US-India relations as a low priority issue in this electoral cycle, emphasizing instead nationally salient issues such as healthcare and the economy.”

The survey was conducted over twenty days in the month of September, recording the responses of 936 Indian-American citizens in the US. It carries an error margin of 3.2%.

It looks at the voting preferences of one of the most rapidly growing ethnic communities in the US. There were approximately 4.16 million people of Indian descent in the US in 2018, with 2.62 million of them being US citizens.

Out of them, 1.9 million citizens are eligible to vote in the upcoming election – 0.82% of all eligible voters in the US. According to the survey, 72% of registered Indian American voters are planning on voting for Biden, while 22% said that they will vote for Trump.

The vast majority (91%) of Indian Americans who voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton plan to support Biden in 2020,” the report added. “A smaller percentage of Indian Americans who voted for Trump in 2016 (68%) plan to support him again in 2020.

While this suggests a higher rate of disaffection with Trump, it is difficult to draw strong inferences given the small overall sample size of Trump voters.”

The survey also stated 39% of the respondents of the 2020 Indian American Attitudes Survey believe that Democrats do a better job of managing the ties between the US and India, while 18% believe that the Republican Party is better at it.

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