60-year-old daily wage labourer from Kerala is now a model


60-year-old daily wage laborer from Kerala is now a model

Kozhikode man who is more recognizable in his area in his worn-out lungi and shirt is shaking web-based media with his super glitz makeover.
The day-by-day wage specialist, distinguished as Mammikka, as of late wrapped up a limited-time photoshoot of a neighborhood firm wearing a suit and presenting with an iPad.

It was photographic artist Shareek Vayalil who detected the ability for display in this day-by-day bet laborer. He had before posted a photograph of Mammikka on his online media page which circulated around the web for his obvious similarity to entertainer Vinayakan.
Afterward, when this task came up, Shareek could imagine no other person except for Mammikka. His make-up was finished by craftsman Majnas.

Aashiq Fuad and Shabeeb Vayalil were the make-up aides.
Mammikka currently has an Instagram page where photographs of him in normal garments as well as the makeover have been shared. He is currently a legend in his local Vennakkad, Kodivalli in Kozhikode.
Mammikka is content with the achievement and says that he would keep displaying assuming he gets extended alongside his ordinary employment opportunity.


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